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As full time professionals, California DJ Production staff take care to comply with all the guidelines of your school administration and dance committee.

Its time for the school dance ! So who are you booking as the dj?
California Disc Jockey Productions of course ! Our DJs can turn your school gym into a club dance! Dance to the sound of Rap/Hip Hop, Oldies, Club songs, Disco, Alternative with games mixed in with your usual favourites.

You name it we always have request book notepads and paper ready Plus, California Disc Jockey Productions can supply lighting, fog machine, extra speakers, giveaway cds and much more to create the ultimate dance atmosphere.
Maybe you've got your dance coming up? California Disc Jockey Productions are experts in school dances, and we can even recommend some excellent venues and ideas. California Disc Jockey Productions will also accept song requests in advance, so gather your friends and email us a list at Contact SongList

Sound System

We are 'In-Touch' with all the current music preferences of teens. However, we always respect and comply with the school administrations guidelines.
Most disc-jockeys utilize a sound system designed to be used at small to medium sized events. These sound systems usually include two medium sized speakers and a mid-sized amplifier. While this type of sound system is suitable for weddings and other private parties, they are not suitable when used in gymnasiums or other large rooms with 200 - 600 students. There are two factors that make a larger sound system necessary at most school dances:
The size of a room used for a school dance is three or four times larger than the average banquet hall. In addition, the height of the ceiling absorbs sound quickly.

The average number of students attending a school dance is 250 people. The sheer quantity of people absorb sound. This is the most important factor!!

When a regular DJ sound system is used at a school dance inside a gymnasium or other large room, the disc-jockey quickly realises that he or she cannot get enough sound out of the system to fill the room. This usually results in the DJ pushing the small sound system to its maximum limits. When this happens, you usually get an "ear-piercing" amount of treble coming out of the speakers in an effort to play "louder".

When a large state-of-the-art sound system is used for a school dance, you get a totally different sound.Instead of an ear-piercing loud noise, you get a deep, rich, crystal-clear sound that is pleasing to the ear. It is hard to believe but we actually get fewer loud volume complaints with our large sound system than the smaller one. The reason is because we let the bass fill the gym, not the ear-piercing treble. In contrast to a regular DJ sound system, our large deluxe sound system utilizes four large speakers, and an amplifier that has four times the power of our regular one.

The end result difference between our regular sound system and our deluxe is comparable to a boom box and a full sized stereo system. The choice is yours. Choose the sound system and service that you feel will best serve your needs. Please call us if you have any questions.

We have the music you want. We keep up with all the latest music, including Rap, Dance, Alternative rock and Top 40. In an effort to ensure that we have what you want, we encourage you to submit a list of requests prior to the event. No other DJ company can match our level of service to provide the students with the music they want to dance to!


Disc-Jockey interaction
The amount of interaction we provide depends greatly on the school. Typically, for elementary and middle schools, we are very outgoing and interactive by providing games and contests for the students. We highly recommend that the school provide ten to fifteen door prizes for this approach, as it is the students incentive to participate in the games and contests we can supply some of the prizes.
In contrast, at most Junior high school events, we are there to provide our awesome sound and lighting system, and play the music the students want to dance to! In most cases, high school students are not interested in games and contests, but we are happy to provide this approach upon request.
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